Troy City Pond

The Troy City Pond is an 8.6 acres private facility, open only to residents of Doniphan County who purchase an annual membership from the City of Troy.

The Pond offers picnic facilities and camping areas and a pond which is usually stocked annually by the City.  Annual memberships are usually offered around the first of April of each year and are valid until the pond is closed in October of the samr year for restocking.

The Pond is located north of Troy off of 215th Road, approximately 1/2 mile west of Mesquito Creek Road.

For further information on membership, please contact Troy City Hall at: 785-985-2265/2101.

Troy City Pond is Open 

The 2024 Troy City Pond keys are now on sale April 1st at a cost of $35 per Troy resident, $50 anyone without a Troy address.

This 2024 key will let you in the pond until October 31, 2024 at which time we are closing pond for maintenance.

For more information call City Hall at 785-985-2265 or 2101 from 8 a.m. to noon and 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday


MEMBERSHIP: Any current resident of Doniphan County, 18 years or older, is eligible to purchase a membership and become a card holder. The cardholder must be present and have his (or her) card on him (or her) when on the City Pond grounds. The card will list names of those who live in the cardholder’s residence that are allowed to fish under the membership. A resident who is at least 16 years of age, who’s name is on the back of the card, may fish without the cardholder present but must have the card on him (or her), but residents under the age of 18 may not take anyone with them as a guest.

GUESTS: A guest must be a non-resident of Doniphan County. A maximum of 3 guests are allowed per cardholder membership. (Any person living within Doniphan County has the privilege to pay the membership fee and become a member; therefore they cannot be considered guests). Exceptions: Children under 16 years may be considered guests. The member is responsible for the actions of each of their guests. Organizations (such as girl scouts, boy scouts, sheltered workshop, churches, etc.) may have use of the camping facilities with prior approval of the City Council.

LIMITS: Fish: A daily limit of 5 fish per membership, any combination (bass, cat or carp) is in effect. If catfish are less than 11” long, please return them back to the pond for future fish growth. Frogs: Frogs may be taken during the season; daily limit will be in accordance with current Kansas Wildlife and Parks Regulations governing the taking of frogs.

FISHING EQUIPMENT: Each member or guest may legally have two poles, with no more than two hooks per pole. No trout line, seines, bank line or throw lines may be used. No boats are permitted on the pond. All persons using the pond and park must comply with all fish and game laws of the State of Kansas when not otherwise restricted by these rules. The Troy City Pond is a private pond, accordingly, a fishing license is not required.

SWIMMING: Swimming, wading or bathing will not be permitted in the pond.

HUNTING: Hunting or the discharging of firearms is not permitted on the pond premises.

FIRES: There shall be no fires on the levy surrounding the City Pond. Cooking or Campfires are permitted in the picnic areas. Do not use garbage, tires or furniture for burning. Caution must be exercised to ensure no personal injury or property damage occurs with the use of the fire. All campfires or cooking fires must be completely extinguished before leaving the Troy Cit Pond property.

CAMPING: Camping trailers may be used but may not be left on the Troy City Pond property unattended. Limited camping space is available and is on a first come, first served basis. Camper parking is allowed in graveled areas only. Camper parking in grassy areas is not permitted. Electrical hook-up is available in some areas for an additional charge as set by the City Council. Electrical hook-ups may not be shared by campers.

PARKING: Parking will be permitted only in designated areas. There will be no parking on the levee surrounding the Troy City Pond by any types of vehicles, including ATV’s, UTV’s, etc.

SPEED LIMITS: The maximum speed limit on the road network of the Troy City Pond is 5 miles per hour. Each driver must exercise extreme caution when driving around the City Pond due to the presence of children near the roadways.

CONDUCT: No disorderly, rowdy or immoral conduct will be permitted on the pond premises. The use of obscene, vulgar or offensive language is not permitted. Permit holders are urged to remember that the facilities are for the use of their families as well as themselves and govern their conduct accordingly.

GATE AT ENTRANCE TO THE POND: The gate is to be closed and locked by each member upon entry and leaving the City Pond.

ANNUAL CLOSURE: Each year, the Troy City Pond will be closed for a period of time to allow annual maintenance. This maintenance may include but is not limited to repairs, upgrades and restocking of fish. During the closure, new locks will be installed. The exact dates of the annual closure may be obtained by contacting the Troy City Clerk.

GENERAL: In order to maintain the appearance of the City pond, all members and guests are asked not to dig fire pits on the levee surrounding the pond. Digging of any sort is discouraged on the City Pond property. All persons are prohibited from picking flowers, slips or damaging in any way, any shrubs, trees or plants. No fish shall be cleaned or dressed in the park. We also ask that you assist in keeping the utilities (lights, electricity, water, shelter house, and restrooms) clean and in working order.

VIOLATIONS: In the event of any violation of these rules or other criminal code or city ordinance violations, the Troy Police Department may demand forfeiture of the member’s key and membership card, in this event, the member and all guests will be required to immediately leave the City Pond groundsThis authorization does not, in any way, prohibit the Troy Police Department from issuing a Uniform Notice to Appear and Complaint citation for other criminal code or other city ordinance violations. If the Troy Police Department demands forfeiture of a member’s key and membership card, the member may contact City Hall and request to appear before the City Council at the next regularly scheduled council meeting to request reinstatement of their membership.

EMERGENCY: Call 9-1-1. The City Pond location is 1 ¾ miles north on Mesquito Creek Road, turn left on to 215th Road and go to the gate on the south or left side of the road at the bottom of the hill.

For Other Information: Call City Hall 785-985-2265 or 2101, Monday thru Friday (except holidays) 8 a.m. to Noon and 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Police Cell: 785-850-0454. Doniphan County Sheriff: 785-985-3711.

(Rev 04/10)


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